A light laborjack "owned" and operated by Athos of the A.S.S


Aquired by Athos roughly a year ago, Kit is a simple, but useful, laborjack. Though he was originally equipped with a cutting saw for use in wrecking yards, Athos generally replaces this with a simple warjack fist. Though this is partially for practical reasons of working in the crowded streets of Five Fingers, it is largely due to Kit’s fondness for childen. Athos has to keep a constant eye on his while travelling in cities and towns to ensure the ‘jack doesn’t wander off to play with local children. On many occations Athos has emerged from a building to find Kit happily kneeling amidst a group of laughing children as they climb and swing from his arms.

While this behavior was initially concerning, it quickly became evident that Kit is suprisingly aware of his own strength. The ’jack takes active measures to lower his hydrolic pressure around children so as to slow his movement and seems extremely aware of the number of children in the area, carefully waiting until all are clear before standing to leave the area.

As with many laborjacks, his time under Athos’ command has molded his personality. Kit is very protective of women, having seen Athos step up in the defense of many over the last year. Unfortunately, Kit is unable to understand the difference between the prostitutes that Athos cares for and any other woman. Thus, Kit steadfastly refuses to attack any women, even any that Athos may be actively fighting. Luckily, his loyalty to Athos overrides his fondness for women, and so he never takes to attacking Athos during any such confrontation.

Taking these quirks into account, Athos has put himself hard at work to develop improved combat systems for Kit that won’t be dangerous for any surrounding children.


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