Hövdin Brygga

Head of Security


Occupation: Head of Security
Race: Dwarf
Age: 42
Height: 4’ 10"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hövdin appears to be in the beginnings of Rhulic adulthood, yet already has the bearing of one used to responsibility. He has short, red-brown hair and sports an impressive pair of muttonchops.

Birthplace: Griddenguard, Rhul
Last Known Location: Bellicose Island, Five Fingers
Known Associates:

Security Log


Hövdin Brygga was born to a Priest of Jhord in the city of Griddenguard. He was constantly overshadowed by his older brother, Domar, whom was being trained to one day take over for their father. Though always faithful to his family and their patron, Jhord, Hövdin never felt that his education was very important as he was not being brought up to take over such an important position and began running with local street ruffians rather than attending to his studies.

At one point, accused of theft, Hövdin’s father interceded and kept him from the harsh punishment of Rhulic justice. In response to this incident, and believing in poetic justice, the elder Brygga apprenticed young Hövdin to the city watch, claiming that if he wanted to spend so much time in the streets he should at least do some good while there.

Hövdin found that the work suited him immensely and was able to use his prior contacts as an informal network, quickly leading him to distinction. Over the next decade he made a name for himself as a reliable investigator and rose through the ranks. Domar was also proving himself worthy and became one of the youngest Justicars Griddenguard had ever seen. Despite all of his accomplishments, he still fell short in their father’s eyes due to this discrepancy.

It was a murder case which brought Hövdin’s career to an end. Murder is one of the worst crimes which can be committed under Rhulic law, and brings more condemnation than most communities due to the lawful existence of feuds duels ruling out most senseless violence. This case involved the murder of a young woman, the daughter of the local Moot Lord. Hövdin and his partner, Smedja, were sent to investigate this crime. Smedja found the only piece of evidence, a signet ring held tight in her hand. Showing this to Hövdin, he invoked a strong response; the ring held the crest of his house – he recognized it as belonging to Domar.

Hövdin was torn between two duties: to justice and his work, and to honor and his clan. Though it pained him, he accused his brother of the crime, showing the ring as evidence. Domar denied the crime, stating that the evidence was circumstantial, that Hövdin was trying to cover his own crime, and challenging him to a duel for the girl’s honor. Hövdin, in the inferior position due to their relative standings and unwilling to commit violence on his brother, fled the city.

Making his way as far west as he could, Hövdin found himself in Five Fingers, his savings all spent, and the watch unwilling to take anyone without either the proper references nor the proper bribes.

Down to his last copper and stumbling upon the position at the Arcane Solutions Society, Hövdin found himself agreeing to work for an inexperienced arcanist, trying to hire anyone who would listen.

Hopefully after a couple of months he can find a better opportunity…

Hövdin Brygga

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