Human Arcane/Field Mechanik


Human Male, age 20.
Height: 5’7
Fair complexion, dark hair, Rynnish/Umbrean ancestry
Speaks Llaelese and Ordic
Born in Laendry


The bastard son of a Llaelese nobalman and a prostitute, Athos was raised in near poverty until the age of 14. When he and his mother were assaulted in their home the young boy snapped, calling forth a blast of arcane power that tore through the chest of the man holding him down. The sudden shower of blood and gore alerted the two men accosting Athos’ mother to their cohorts fate and they quickly turned tail.

Upon learning of the incident Athos’ father immediatly moved to have the boy moved into his estates, eager to have such a potentially powerful weapon on hand. Though the boy consented to the training, providing for the care of his mother, it was quickly discovered that he was lacking in the raw power the lord wanted out of an assassin. Indeed, a blast equal to his first was never replicated.

Instead, Athos took quickly to the more delioate art of mechanika, quickly learning the basic tools and tricks necessary to build the most basic mechanika. He completed his apprenticeship in only two years before finding work in the city of Laendry, his father having little interest in producing mechanika.

It was only a few months later that the Khadoran invasion of Llael began and Athos’ father fled the city in secret, leaving the majority of his staff, including Athos’ mother (now working as a scullery maid) in the city. Few survived the initial attack, as worker housing was quick to catch aflame when the assault began.

Athos himself was in the craftsmen district when he heard the first volley of artillery slam into the city wall. As waves of civilians began running away from the attack Athos fought his way towards the hovel he shared with his mother, only to be turned back before the waves of Winterguard and Khadoran warjacks.

While Athos managed to escape the city, it became clear in the next several days that his mother likely didn’t. Casualties from that section of the city were near total after the collapse of a section of the city wall and it was impossible to get in to search himself. Eventually Athos was forced to accept the fact that his mother was almost certainly dead.

Most of the next two years were spent working with the Llaelese Resistance, building and maintaining their small arsenal of mechanikal weapons and warjacks. Though he had never worked with laborjacks before, Athos was forced to learn quickly how to repair and upkeep the Resistances small force of ragtag machines. Eventually, however, he resigned himself to the fact that the Resistance was merely a thorn in Khador side and had almost no chance of making any real difference but to cause more bloodshed. With most of Llael controlled by Khador and travel being heavily restricted, Athos bribed his was on to a Rhulic merchant vessel and made his way into Cygnar.

Though Cygnar provided a short respite, it was only a year living in Corvis before the Sul-Caspian war began and Khador began to push south into the Thornwood. Once again Athos was forced to flee. Realizing that the war could only get worse he chose Ord as a new home. Taking his modified laborjack Kit with him, he signed on to a Cygnaran merchant ship to travel the Dragons Tongue to Five Fingers. Here he hopes to have finally escaped the ravages of war and be able to focus instead of his craft, which he has had little chance to develop in the years since his flight from Llael.

While not prone to fighting, his time in the Resistance has given Athos a respectible presence in combat, both at range and in close quarters. His time in the Resistance also taught him the futility of fighting a loosing battle, and he fights only when the odds are in his favor or escape impossible. His one exception to this rule seems to be in the case of prostitutes, who he feels a deep empathy for because of his own mothers position. He has on several occasions intervened on behalf of a lady under the wrath of a customer or master and received a fair share of beatings for it. These days, with his custom gunblade Mrs Reynolds on his hip and Kit over his shoulder the arguements tend to die quickly when he steps in. Indeed, the general treatment of prostitutes in whorehouses near the A.S.S headquarters have improved significantly in the months since his arrival.

With A.S.S established in the city, Athos plans to dedicate a vast majority of his time to his arcane studies and improve his mechanikal craft. Luckily the market for well-made mechanika weapons is quite healthy in Five Fingers, as mercenaries and pirate look to expand their military capability. His earnings from such deals are spent in one of three ways; toward refining his craft, upkeeping Kit, and on food and medicine for the local prostitutes he considers under his care. Eventually he hopes to earn enough to create his own shelter for these downtrodden women, but in the meantime he does what he can.


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